Philosophy: Natural spray treatments.

The purpose of spraying the vines is to strengthen them and to preserve the existing biodiversity in the surroundings. Among the fauna found in a vineyard are beneficial predators and “less good” fauna which are kept down by the former. As in other contexts in nature, the balance between predators and prey has to be optimal. The wrong spray treatment applied by a vine grower can trigger off pest attacks and destroy that balance.

In addition to using sulphur (in low concentrations) we use natural preparations with a base of seaweed, horsetail, camomile, nettles and so on, which enables us to reduce the number of spray treatments with sulphur. In the future we will completely eliminate sulphur sprays in the vineyard and use other alternative applications, such as whey powder spray.

Control of insect populations that are harmful to the vines must be done through maintaining appropriate vine vigour and good canopy management, so as to prevent conditions that allow their proliferation.