Our philosophy: VINEYARD.

Bringing José Félix Callejo into the winery as the œnologist marked a new phase in its development.

The search for maximum expression of terroir then became our main objective.

Great wines are born from the roots of vines growing deep in the soils. Only careful vine-tending and balanced canopy management can bring out the maximum expression of the Tinta Fina in each soil. We had to unlearn the methods of conventional agriculture, which were solely high-yielding, fast and without scruples, to achieve our aim of producing a true terroir wine.

The word terroir implies many things, but the most important feature in a terroir-driven wine is its authenticity. To get that authenticity from our vineyards we eliminated all use of weedkillers, insecticides and pesticides.

Terroir: how do you bring it out in the wine? Preserving life in the soil is essential for the vine to develop in complete balance and harmony with its environment. The roots need to be capable of exploring their surroundings in their search for nutrients. The micro-organisms present in the soil favour this exploration. Our work in the vines consists in carrying out vineyard practices which work in favour of that balance.

Some of the vineyard practices we carry out: