The culmination of a year’s work is reached at the end of September or the middle of October with the harvesting of the grapes.

Before the harvest, as the grapes begin to reach full ripeness, a careful assessment is made of the grapes in the different soil-types, and thus the eventual batches of wine. Pinpointing the different tasting characteristics of each soil-type is vital when tasting the berries in the vineyard.

José Félix and Noelia Callejo go through the whole of the vineyard during the ripening process, taking notes on the evolution of each plot, to see if there is one particular part within the parcel that is very different from the others.

It is at this early stage that plans and decisions are made about the future wines of the vintage, based on the characteristics found in each part of the vineyard. Tasting the berries in the vines is then followed up by a formal analysis in our laboratory.

The final decision of when to start the picking however is based solely on tasting the berries.

When the date is finally decided, the most pleasant part of the wine-growing year begins. The main feature in our wine-making process is the use of indigenous yeasts, which enables us to complete the terroir cycle and produce more authentic wines that have greater individual character.

Once the fermentations have finished, the wines gain complexity in oak barrels,which are 100% French, and sourced from different French coopers.

by elenasevilla.es