Beatriz Callejo, 1979. National manager.


I graduated with an English language degree at the University of Valladolid (1997-2002), and although I seemed destined to be an English teacher and follow a similar career to my mother’s, who was a primary school teacher for forty years, I changed track after my nine-month Erasmus stay in Manchester, England. I was in my fourth year of studies and I felt the pull of my family roots. Seeing the lack of wine culture there, particularly for good wines, I realised that I really wanted to stay close to my roots and “teach” the pleasure to be had from enjoying good wine.

I became more specialised in 2002, after taking a course in Wine English for Wine Professionals. I then did a Masters in Œnology, Viticulture and the Marketing of Wine, followed by a wine tasting course in Madrid led by the President of the Sommeliers of Spain, Juan Muñoz.

Since 2003, I’ve been in charge of CALLEJO sales in the Spanish market, working with distributors and opening new markets, which is a constant necessity. My English has helped me develop relations with clients in different countries where we export and with which I am familiar, although it is my sister Cristina who does that job. Together we symbolise the efforts of one family and the fruits of work well done, both jointly and individually. As a unit, we know what needs to be done to take our CALLEJO wines further forward. This is the reason why I am here. Had I tried to do this alone, you can be almost certain that I would have somehow ended up as a teacher.