Cristina Callejo, 1970 Export manager.


I’m the eldest of the 5 brothers and sisters and have always had a great sense of responsibility in my work. This has helped forge my personality and pushed me to seek out as much information as I can in every task I perform, so as to provide the best and most reliable details needed by people I’m in contact with.

I first studied to be an international secretary, which suited my love of foreign languages and wish to communicate with people all over the world. I then opted for a course in Psychology to help me get to know people more fully and develop more empathy.

Wine has been present in my life ever since I was a child: firstly in Sotillo, when wine was produced for local consumption, and then with the wines made by my family. My thirst for knowledge led me to becoming more involved in the technical side of the vineyard and the wine-making, I then followed a course to become a Technical Specialist in Viticulture at the University of Palencia. Later I did level 3 of the WSET, followed by a Masters degree in Marketing.

In the family wine business, I look after the export market. Since the age of 21, I have been travelling around the world. It’s a job that combines all of my abilities and affinities to perfection: travelling around the world, developing wine culture abroad and most especially being able to convey, through offering tastings, all the work, love and passion that we put into our wines. Carrying on my shoulders everywhere I go the efforts of all of my family is a huge responsibility, but at the same time it can be very rewarding, especially when I see one of our bottles in a restaurant in, say, Japan or South Korea, or in a shop in New Zealand or in the United States. Wine is a passion that envelops me; it’s a philosophy of life that guides me. It brings moments of conviviality, friendship, happiness, joy, conversation, silence, quiet thoughts... Sharing a bottle provides so many types of enjoyment!