José Felix Callejo, 1971 Winemaker.


Graduated in Viticulture and Œnology at the “Escuela de la Vid y el Vino” and gained a Masters degree in Viticulture, Œnology and Wine Legislation from the University Polytechnic of Madrid.

He has acquired wine-making experience in different regions around the world, such as in Chile in 2000 with Torres and in France in 1999 at Chateau Pétrus.


I’ve always lived in Sotillo de la Ribera, and I have many childhood memories of wine, especially of late September days when I would go with my sisters and grandmother to the Majuelo (a small local vineyard), to pick the grapes. We’d spend the whole day among the vines while the grapes were being collected.

In 1999 I took charge of running the technical side of the winery, looking after both the vineyard and the wine-making process. It’s a job that brings a lot of excitement; it keeps me in close contact with nature; and there’s the thrill of bringing into the world some great wine.