Finca Valdelroble.


Valdelroble vineyard:

The Finca Valdelroble vineyard covers an area of 10 hectares (247 acres), situated on a flat ridge at an altitude of 930 metres above sea level. Flat ridges are made up of the oldest soils due to the lack of erosion and are therefore composed of the original soils, in which the limestone parent rock is relatively close to the surface, thereby having a great influence on the vegetal life growing there.

The soil is very poor, and there is an extreme microclimate producing wide differences of temperature of more than 15°C between day and night. The vineyard was only planted in 2004 but its vines have acquired the behaviour of old vines. The balance they show at Valderroble with their moderate vigour, concentrated fruit, and low yields is one of an old vineyard.

In keeping with the work carried out in the rest of Callejo’s vineyards, vineyard management methods respect terroir and include the seeding of cover crops and the use of alternative sprays prepared with seaweed, nettles, camomile, yarrow, horsetail and so on.

Since 2006 the vineyard has been certified as organically grown by the Castilla y León Organic Agriculture Council.