Finca Valdelroble.


A dream become reality :

Our father, Félix Callejo, a great adventurer in every sense of the word, once had a 28-acre cereals farm called Valdelroble just outside the village of Sotillo. It was perched high on a flat ridge at an altitude of 930 meters (3,051 feet) above sea-level. Its poor pebbly, limestone soils and extreme seasonal temperatures gave only small crops, causing him to lose interest in farming there.

At the beginning of the 1980s, our father took up flying and in 1985 obtained a Private Pilot Licence. He had always dreamt of building an airstrip on that farm to fly his own plane over the length and breadth of the Ribera del Duero. The location was ideal with excellent height, good terrain and no nearby buildings or obstacles.

When the Bodegas Félix Callejo winery project was begun in 1989, the airstrip idea was shelved and eventually forgotten about.

The idea of seeking out the best possible expression of terroir began to take real shape in José Félix Callejo’s mind after his time at Petrus in 1999 when he worked under the château’s prestigious winemaker Jean-Claude Berrouet. This experience, during which he witnessed at first hand the passion and respect shown for the Petrus vineyard’s different soils and the influence this had in the production of a great wine, proved to be a key moment in his wine growing career.

In 2004, José-Félix, now a connoisseur of limestone soils, planted a small vineyard of Tinta Fina (or Tempranillo) at Valdelroble. The result was a complete success, and in 2005 the planting of the rest of the vineyard was completed with 6.7 hectares of Tinta Fina (Tempranillo) and 2.9 hectares of Merlot.

In the end, a great vineyard was born, which proved to be a high-flier in its own way.